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Koqio originated on the French Riviera where we developed a special talent for creating exceptional real estate projects.

Our history began in Europe with SOCRI Limited, an independant group 100% owned by Nicolas CHAMBON which develops exclusive real estate projects (residential, commercial and offices).

Our projects in Europe are recognized and we won many awards for the design, the innovation, the quality of our finishes.

Commitment to excellence

The company has grown through its experience in creating unique real estate projects around the world.

Koqio's reputation is thriving due to the dedication and hard work put into all of its projects, ensuring that the result is as impressive as possible. Koqio has received numerous awards for its projects in Europe, where it has been recognized for its design, innovation, and top-quality finishes.

Beautiful terrace with views of the pool and Miami Bay.

Driven by innovation

Innovation is consistently present in Koqio's projects, from conception to the finalization, ensuring that spaces are designed to reach their full potential. Company values are ambitious by nature, meaning challenges, improvements and nature are a huge part of daily operations. 

Maison Rive Gauche view from the front of this wonderfull house

Always be creative

Creativity is the foundation of Koqio's projects. Teamwork makes a huge difference in increasing the potential for innovation and ensuring a better solution when facing issues. Nature is the central piece of Koqio's projects,  representing a fresh breeze of air essential for growth and development. 

View of the pool and miami bay with a hansome terrace

Independence allows us to make bold choices, be more creative, and build customized, unique and rewarding projects.

At Koqio we are committed to sharing our values beyond just France and Europe.

“We are very pleased to be the bearers of such prestigious projects in Miami.

We are proud to develop in the United States what has made SOCRI LIMITED famous in Europe: by giving pride of place to plants, art, entertainment and “French touch”.


These projects showcase our know-how and our identity.”

Nicolas Chambon, Chairman

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Pierre-Antoine DESPLAN


General Director


Charlene MASSON

Junior Project Manager



Group Technical Director



HR and General Services Manager


Francisco  PEREZ

Project Manager

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